Faculty & Staff

Kristina Movsessian (Preschool Director)

Over the last 16 years my life has centered around children. I’ve earned my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education in 2006. I currently hold my credentials as a Program Director of Preschool Children. At Pilibos, it is my goal to help children grow, learn and develop. It is also a privilege to work alongside excellent teachers who love our school. Directing Pilibos Preschool is one of the best experiences of my life!

Armineh Ayvazian (Administrative Assistant)

I first walked through Pilibos doors in the 90’s as a parent of 3 loving children. Seeing all 3 of my children graduate Pilibos was a remarkable feeling. I began my career at Pilibos in 2001 to follow my passion of being around children. Caring for our preschoolers is my second nature as I have been taking joy in that for over 17 years. I strive to support our parents, students and teachers in every given way possible. I love being part of our Pilibos Preschool Family!

Angie Chouljian (Lead Teacher – Blue Group)
Hello! I am very honored to be part of the Pilibos Postoian Preschool. As a mother of 3 loving children, I realize how important early childhood development is and the impact it has on each child as they progress forward in their preschool years. I have been working in the field of child development for 9 wonderful years and have completed by graduate courses in early childhood. I have attended many onsite training courses and continue to increase my knoweldge in child development by taking additional ECE courses. I absolutely love working with children and helping them grow!

Anie Joulian (Lead Teacher – Blue Group)
Welcome to Pilibos Postoian Preschool! I have been working professionally in the Early Childhood Education field for 25 years. I became part of Pilibos Postoian Preschool family in 2004. My educational background is in early childhood development and continue to purse child development classes and trainings. As a preschool teacher, it is my passion to be part of a child’s foundation. I am a patient and dedicated teacher and always try to maximize every child’s learning abilities throughout their preschool years. My goal is to challenge my students by introducing them to a variety of fun and motivational classroom activities to strengthen their intellectual, social, physical and emotional development.

Hripsime Antonyan (Teacher Assistant – Blue Group)
Welcome! I am very excited to be part of the Pilibos Postoian Preschool Family! I come to Pilibos with a great deal of knowledge in child development. I have completed my associate degree in early childhood and currently working on my Bachelors in the same field. My teaching philosophy is that every child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world and it is our job as teachers to help them develop their potential in a loving and nurturing environment.

Julie Jarian (Lead Teacher – Green Group)
I excitedly joined the Pilibos Postoian Preschool family in 2016. My time here has been filled with endless learning opportunities, discovery and growth. I have participated in various off-site trainings, including LAUP and CalTech STEM. I have completed my Bachelor degree in the field of early childhood education at Pacific Oaks College. I believe that children learn through observation and investigation of the world around them, therefore we need to foster their curiosity. My greatest joy comes from working with children and watching them flourish. 

Sona Stepanyan (Associate Teacher – Green Group)
Hello! I am happy to introduce myself as an 11 year teacher at Pilibos Postoian Preschool. It truly has been a pleasure to be part of the Pilibos family! Currently, I am working on completing my early childhood education and have completed music school. I love working with children of all ages. I believe creating a strong base in early education is a key factor for a child’s success in the future; that is why I take my job very seriously and teach quite passionately. I love how I get the honor of playing a role in a child’s early years of life and hope to guide them in the correct path alongside with giving them all my love and care. 

Hamiste Atmajian (Lead Teacher – Green Group)
Welcome! I have been an educator for the past 20 years and happily joined Pilibos Postoian Preschool in 2005. I have completed my Associate Degree in early childhood education and have attended numerous in-service and off-site training conferences. In addition, I attend yearly seminars as learning and teaching techniques advance and I continue to broaden my own knowledge in various subjects. I enjoy teaching in the preschool setting and love watching them learn, discover, play and grow!

Ani Shiroyan (Lead Teacher – Yellow Group)
I am very excited to be part of the Pilibos Postoian Preschool family this year! This is my 9th year as a preschool teacher. I received my degree in Psychology from CSUN and do continuing education in Child Development as well as training throughout the year. My goal is to first and foremost make your child feel safe and loved. Once we accomplish this all things become possible! My greatest joy comes from seeing the excitement in their eyes as I am teaching and know the wheels are turning inside. To me this is the greatest accomplishment.

Seza Eneshian (Associate Teacher – Yellow Group)

Hello! I have been in the field of education for 27 years and enjoy every minute of it! I am very happy to be part of the Pilibos Postoian family for the past 15 years. I’ve earned my Associate Degree in early childhood and continue working on receiving a higher degree in the child development field. Throughout my life, I have dedicated a lot of my time teaching children in their home language Armenian. My philosophy is to provide children with rich educational opportunities and materials that will help them develop and prosper in today’s world. Helping children feel good about themselves, finding their own goals, and fostering social and emotional development is just as important as the development of academic skills. I look forward to many more years of teaching at Pilibos Postoian Preschool.

Hermine Monosyan (Assistant Teacher – Blue Group)

Hello! I happy to be part of Pilibos Postoian Preschool for the past 8 years. I have graduated with an Associate Degree in early childhood and have completed my training at different childhood development centers. Throughout my life, I have spent a lot of time with children and I enjoy being part of their daily lives. I believe that every child should receive the love and care that they deserve and I have very grateful that I have the opportunity to watch them grow.
Alis Pogosyan (Assistant Teacher – Yellow Group)
Welcome! I have been part of Pilibos Postoian Preschool family since 2016. I have completed my Bachelors in child development. I have also completed many onsite training at many childhood development centers. I have always had a desire to work with children. My teaching philosophy is to provide a safe and secure environment enriched with skills that will equip children with the basic fundamentals and make them feel confident to move on. I love being with preschoolers and enjoy watching them grow, learn and succeed.
Sera Terterian (Kitchen Cook)

Hello! I had the honor to be part of our Pilibos Postoian Preschool in 2009. It had been wonderful to be assisting our school in every possible way. I love preparing home cooked meals for our preschoolers and teachers. Children are a blessing and being around them is pure joy! 

Angela Amirian (Music Teacher)

Welcome! I have been part of Pilibos Postoian Preschool since 2015. I’ve obtained my Master’s Degree in Music and recently completed 12 units in Early Childhood Education. I am committed to instill music appreciation in all students at Pilibos. I enjoy hearing children sing in our mother language and I continue to encourage them at every chance I have. It is important to make music fun and exciting so that children will appreciate music and become life long learners.