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Philosophy / Curriculum

Program Philosophy

Rose and Alex Pilibos Postoian Preschool is committed to fostering continued growth and development of the “whole” child, which encompasses the areas of social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills.

We believe...

  • Each child is an individual who deserves to be respected and appreciated for his/her own unique character.
  • The cultural values of each child and his/her family should be recognized and cherished.
  • Each child must feel warmth, security and empowerment while learning.
  • Each child should be given opportunities to grow and learn in all areas of development: Cognitive, Social, Physical and Language.
  • Each child’s unique abilities and interests should be considered when planning curriculum activities.

Program Curriculum

Rose & Alex Pilibos Postoian Preschool’s curriculum framework for 2- 5 year old is based on Developmentally Appropriate Practice with adaptations from the Creative Curriculum.

Developmentally appropriate practice means teaching in ways that match the way children develop and learn so as to promote their optimal development and learning. Teachers plan and modify the curriculum based on

  • Developmental stages of children and how they learn.
  • The individual strengths, abilities, needs, and interests of each child.
  • The cultures of each child’s family and community.

The program curriculum for preschool is based on five fundamental principles. They guide practice and help us understand the reasons for intentionally setting up and operating preschool programs in particular ways. These are the principles:

Language Art Skills

Children acquire pre-reading skills in both Armenian and English languages.

Cognitive Skills

Children acquire concepts in mathematics, science, social studies, health and other academic areas.

Aesthetic Skills

Children have daily opportunities for aesthetic expression and appreciation through art and music.

Social Skills

Children are provided many opportunities to develop social skills such as cooperating, helping and negotiating.

Gross Motor Skills

Children have daily opportunities to use large muscles by running, jumping and balancing.


At Pilibos Postoian Preschool, the lessons and activities are planned through the process of scaffolding. Scaffolding helps a child perform skills at a higher level than he or she could by working independently. Teachers’ verbal directions, physical assistance, and probing questions help children figure out how to approach learning tasks, improve skills and acquire knowledge. As the research shows, a positive teacher/child relationship is crucial for their social development and academic success. A supportive relationship can have direct impact on children’s motivation, engagement, self-direction, cooperation and positive attitude toward the school.

Extra Curricular Activities 

Tig-Fit: Tig-Fit is offered to Preschool students every Friday, Tig-Fit is taught by Baron Tigran and offers complete fitness, nutrition and health curriculum designed especially for young children ages 2-5. Tig-Fit strives to offer structured program to promote healthy lifestyle habits and build positive associations with exercise.

Music and Movement: Music and movement is offered twice a week. Children learn about musical concepts, such as rhythm and pitch. Children are introduced to musical instruments following music concept development. Singing, music and movement that is fun and age appropriate, as well as culturally relevant, is introduced, and plays an important role in our preschool. We find music present in many aspects of our lives but none is as important as how we teach and share music with our children.