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Children's Program

Rose and Alex Pilibos Postoian Preschool is an Armenian Child Development Center with a dual language Armenian/English program. Our classroom’s daily instruction, planned activities, and communication styles reflect our program’s appreciation of our Armenian roots while valuing the diverse world in which we live. Our program is a reflection of our philosophy, that young children are growing in every way possible cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally.

Our classroom programs are designed for children ages 2 to 5 years of age and we are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).
2 Year Old        2 - 3 Year Old Program

Our 2 -3 year old program is designed with a “transitional” approach, keeping the child’s long-term development in mind. Preschool 2’s and 3’s tend to use their whole body until they transition to specific muscles and body parts for increased control necessary for writing, painting, drawing, balancing, buttoning, throwing, catching and pedaling. In our nurturing environment, our children will develop these small muscles needed for future hand control. Their large muscles are developed through games and body movement. Children are free to explore challenging and fun indoor and outdoor spaces with abundant learning opportunities. Their teachers will provide guidance and support with your child as they experience new milestones and accomplishments.
  3 Year Old 3 - 4 Year Old Program

In our 3-4 year old program, children come to understand that they are individuals with thoughts and feelings separate from the adults in their lives. They may have a variety of or a favorite learning modality, they may be word-smart, number-smart, art-smart, self-smart and/or nature-smart. They begin to try these intelligences and find their strengths as well as their place in the world around them. With this in mind, our program allows for children’s strengths, ideas, questions and creativity to flourish. Curiosity is the basis for education. At Pilibos, your child will practice estimating, making predictions, finding solutions and thinking imaginative and even silly, fun ways to engage with their learning. This is a year for understanding the give and take of appropriate social interactions. Our school environment is designed to specifically meet the growing needs and wonder your child deserves.
4 Year Old    4 - 5 Year Old Program

Our 4-5 year old program, provides a deeper understanding of the world both inside and out of school. Preschoolers notice differences and are naturally curious about special topics such as age, gender, fairness, cheating, tolerance and bias. Our preschool is typically the first social environment where the meet and play with other children occurs. Our program believes in “the teachable moment,” moments that happen every day that help teach young children what is important to know. We honor the process of encouraging and supporting preschoolers to practice their non-violent and pro-social skills. During this last year of preschool play becomes a complex occupation requiring practice in dialogue and demonstration, in detailed imagination and abstract thinking. The day begins and ends with a group play and children are exposed to small group work and project based learning.