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Our History

In 1970, one year after the establishment of Hollywood Daily Armenian school, a Pre-Kindergarten class was added to the school. The Pre-K class started the school year with 7 students and ended with 18 students.

With the donation of Mrs. Rose Pilibos (in memory of her husband) Hollywood Daily Armenian school became Alex Pilibos Armenian School, and later Rose & Alex Pilibos Armenian School. The preschool was located on the Pilibos main campus.

In 1990 Ms. Mary Postoian a member of A.R.S “ Mayr” Chapter, left a substantial portion of her will to be donated to the Alex Pilibos Preschool. The construction for the new preschool began in 1990 at 1611 N. Kenmore St. The school was officially reopened on December 13, 1992 and was renamed Rose & Alex Pilibos, Mary Postoian Armenian Preschool.

Pilibos Postoian Preschool is one of the Western Prelacy’s preschools and is governed by the Board of Regents of Western Prelacy Armenian Schools. It is licensed by the state of California and received accreditation by the National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in September 1, 2000.

Pilibos Postoian Preschool is a well known, high quality early childhood education center in the Los Angeles area. The preschool works closely with its community programs such as Los Angeles Universal Preschool, and the California Early Childhood Mentor program, to raise the bar of quality in Early Care and Education.