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Preschool Benefit Event 2021

Dear Pilibos Family and Friends,

Pilibos-Postoian Preschool is celebrating its 30th Anniversary at our Ready. Set. Play. Annual Benefit on Friday, November 19th at 7:00 p.m. hosted at the Hacopian Residence.

For 30 years, Pilibos-Postoian Preschool has set forth the necessary resources to motivate and allow each child to learn, grow and flourish at school and in life. Our preschool continuously sets progressive standards to elevate it to new heights. This year’s Benefit objective, Project Play, will assist in achieving our annual goal of a completely renovated outdoor playground and support the school in our constant quest to ensure the highest level of education for our children.

The Ready. Set. Play. Annual Benefit is for all parents, community members, alumni, and friends to come together to raise funds for Project Play.

Join us and attend the Benefit Event to support our Preschool! Your tax-deductible donations will help us reach our goal and ensure our school’s competitive edge in higher education within our community. Together, we can make this event a huge success! Please visit the link below for sponsorship opportunities for Project Play. To acknowledge our gracious supporters, we will be creating name plaques for sponsored areas of the preschool playground. 
Together we will celebrate the past successes of our Preschool and be a vital part of our remarkable future!